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We take great pride in our red wine Maratheftiko

Maratheftiko is a local variety of superior quality found among Mavro stocks in many vineyards. The wine from this grape is usually concentrated, the tannin, fragrance, colour and structure are extremely close to those of a Cabernet Sauvignon and distictively different.

We have taken the difficult process of planting this indigenous vine variety to meet the increase demand of this product.

Our winery is a  thirty minute drive from Paphos in the Kilinia village, an unpopulated countryside, and is surrounded by vineyards. As with most villages in Paphos, Kilinia boasts a fine old history with vines having been planted several decades back.  Our cava boasts five labels of ordinary wine and three wines which are the flagships of the winery

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Non Vintage Shoufas Chardonnay, Kilinia, Paphos Regional, Alcohol Volume 10.5%

From Paphos region, Shoufas comes with this low alcohol Chardonnay. Straw yellow, this Chardonnay has medium intensity but balanced aromas of ripe citrus, melon and pineapple in the background. Contrary to the nose, there is low intensity fruit - more on the grapefruit side, herbs as in thyme and rosemary, this wine is of medium acidity on the palate with a touch of butter in the finish. Serve at 9°C with chicken casserole or chicken with rosemary, seafood and citrus and apple-based salads.

by George Kassianos
Sunday Mail, Seven

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